"Every individual takes their own journey towards optimal health"


The Un Earth philosophy and method centres around supporting the individual. Teresa and Merryn quickly realised corporate health programs were generally never enough about the individual, typically being too broad and blanket approach solutions. Our unique approach improves an individual's health intelligence by assessing their 5 key pillars of health to unlock what is holding them back. This allows an individualised approach to programming solutions. Moving from an optimal base individuals can quickly elevate into peak performance with the right formula.


"Broad and scaled programs could not get the long term results we were after. We needed to shift the health intelligence of the individual which is why we created the 5 key pillars to optimal health and performance"


What is health intelligence?

" We believe in the process of education, coaching and empowerment to create healthy habits that improve your health intelligence." 

Through a comprehensive pre program assessment, we provide the individual with a unique health intelligence score. Throughout our high touch Un Earth Me program individuals are given tools and strategies to improve their health intelligence. Our post program assessment allows participants to see their improvements across the 5 key pillars of health. The 5 key pillars of health is interwoven across all programs throughout the Un Earth Journey.

The 5 Key Pillars of Health






UNLEASH peak Performance

Engaging with an Un Earth program will teach you how to unleash peak performance using practices based of the latest science, research and technology. 


Braintap technology can assist the balancing of brainwaves, assisting in creating a calm state of mind, as well as improving memory, learning and focus. Braintap recently has been used to reduce the chronic symptoms of concussion in athletes with significant improvements.  

Nasal breathing

Breathing through your nose during exercise will improve your ability to get oxygen to the muscles to support endurance and recovery. Learn how to improve your breathing to increase your fitness with oxygen advantage breathing techniques.  

ice baths

Ice bathing speeds up the bodies naturally occurring recovery processes. By using the environmental stressor of the cold to condition our brain to cope better with everyday life stressors reducing inflammaroty cytokines that are linked to anxiety and depression. 


Fasting is the practice of abstaining from food, and certain types of beverages, for a specific period of time. Fasting has been used for centuries and is associated with several health benefits including improved mental clarity, reducing inflammation, improved blood glucose control, detoxification and longevity - just to name a few!

supplement your sleep & recovery

Sleep and recovery supplements are intended to provide essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other substances that may be lacking or insufficient in an individual's regular diet. Recovery formulated supplements can help improve sleep quality and quantity plus promote both mental and physical recovery.

high intensity training

The goal is to maximise cardiovascular and muscular benefits by engaging in challenging exercises that elevate heart rate and stimulate muscle fibers, promoting increased strength, endurance, and calorie burn. This efficient training method is popular for its time-saving nature and potential to yield significant fitness improvements.

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