The experts behind the program 

Health Professionals

Teresa and Merryn came together after realising they shared the same passions and holistic approach to health and performance. Working together in clinic and across corporate programs allows them to strengthen their bond and passion for health.  


They have over 30 years professional & clinical experience. They share great enthusiasm when helping people transform their lives by improving their health. They are both committed to learning and are constantly updating their knowledge with world leading research and strategies. They specialise in optimising sleep, fasting, hormonal health, microbiome, clinical nutrition, supplementation, brain health, breath work, cellular health, exercise and fitness, injury management, wearable tech for health and cold therapy. 

merryn aldridge

Sports Physiotherapist / Breath Coach

Founder, Merryn Aldridge Physio

Physiotherapist to Australian Olympians for over a decade. Merryn offers high level programs for anyone looking to achieve health & performance gains. Merryn believes in pushing boundaries for others and opening eyes to the physical body’s potential. 

Using the foundations of science and anatomy Merryn helps you overcome physical and psychological obstacles to strive for a peak health. 

teresa kryger

Clinical Nutritionist / Performance Coach

Founder, The Health Whisperer.

Teresa is a qualified registered nutritionist specialising in a unique blend of clinical, performance and corporate nutrition. With over 14 years of clinic experience, Teresa understands the pressures of a fast passed environment and how this can impact your nutrition, health & wellness.

Teresa's approach is to blend up to date research with easy to implement strategies to support optimal brain and body performance.

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