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"It was exciting to roll out the unwind, unlock, unleash program. Our teams always deliver, but it's important to take a step back to refocus and to recharge the batteries - and that's exactly what they did."

Kris Menzies (Health, Safety & Wellbeing, ATC)

“UnEarth Me weaves together many concepts you might have heard previously, but in a way that is so much more digestible and meaningful.  The 4 week program is FUN! - super pragmatic and easy to incorporate into your day.  Teresa and Merryn’s encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious.  I loved the science that supported the program and cannot recommend it highly enough to reboot and reenergise - not just yourself but your team”

Emma Costello (CFO, Reserve Bank of Australia)

Working with Merryn and Teresa was an absolute pleasure. They bring so much passion and enthusiasm to the work they do, ensuring positive energy throughout the program. With evidence based, yet user friendly and easy to implement solutions, they bring a user centred approach enabling long-lasting behaviour change.

Jessica Monaghan (Senior Health and Wellbeing Consultant)


 We ran the Unearth session for our team of 7 and while everyone was excited to hear from Teresa and Merryn, I was surprised at just how much they embraced it. The evidence-based and integrated approach works so well and really brings the interconnections between sleep, diet and physical exertion into sharper relief. Within a week people were experimenting with the breathing techniques, tracking their sleep and diet, and really getting into the spirit of personal improvement. One person even ran out the next day and bought the mouth tape. It was very satisfying to see. Apart from this it also reiterated the importance of taking care of ourselves, setting a baseline for improvement and then stretching to optimise performance. It was a timely shift of focus from work to our health and wellbeing in the depths of the latest lockdown when people really needed it, and the feedback was resoundingly positive"

Fergus Ross (Director, 6 Degrees)

I have had the privilege of personally working with Teresa over a number of years, and have benefited immensely from her insights.  Initially this was around my nutrition and then evolved into understanding sleep and recovery, and the impact this had on my performance - both professionally and personally.  When I heard that Merryn and Teresa had joined forces to create the UnEarth program for organisations, I immediately booked our team in for the three part program, post a significant lock down last year.  It was just what the team needed to understand how they could recharge, and continue to enhance their energy.  The performance, engagement and satisfaction of the team was immediately boosted as they used the techniques taught by Merryn and Teresa in their day to day lives. I truly believe the UnEarth program is for organisations looking to lead the way in terms of employee engagement, satisfaction and performance.

Ceinwen McNeil (Chief Executive BVT Engineering)

What do our particIpants say?

"Huge thanks to two amazing women Merryn and Teresa and their wonderful program of nutrition, exercise, sleep, breath and recovery which assisted me in unearthing ME again! I couldn’t be happier with how far I got in my initial four weeks and how everything I learned and achieved has easily become part of my everyday life as I continue my journey to unleash and unlock more of me."

Natasha B (Finance Team, Reserve Bank of Australia)

"Such a fantastic program! Both Therese and Merryn were so inspiring and knowledgeable and supportive all the way. I feel I’ve had a restart and totally re-educated in my eating habits and exercise. Feeling great!."

Tracey G (Finance Team, Reserve Bank of Australia)

"I really enjoyed the program. Both the physical and nutritional guidelines were fantastic and helped me to see fitness from a different perspective. I liked it so much that I have decided to stop the food program I was subscribed to for the past six years. Also, Both Merryn and Teresa were very nice and helpful."

Maria C (Finance Team, Reserve Bank of Australia)

"What a great combo - a really lovely mix of theory & practice. Enjoyed the science, application & tools shared at Un Retreat. I can honestly say I have learnt, tried, and experienced new tips, tricks and practices I cannot wait to regularly practice. Overall loved it!"

Tiziana B (VP, Visa)


"Fasting and cold water therapy were not something that I ever thought would be in my arsenal for good health practices. I stepped in for my first fasting challenge skeptical and a little bit scared as I had heard all of the hype about both but did not think I could handle not eating for long periods (I’m a snacker), and as for cold showers? Madness! Would I be up for such a challenge?

Putting my doubts aside, I threw myself into it from day one. It was challenging but saw some benefits almost straight away. Who knew feeling energised (and quite amazing) after a cold shower would be a thing? And not breaking my fast till later in the day was not as difficult as I thought it would be. The support from Teresa & Merryn was key to staying on track as was the social check ins with the whole group.

I surprised myself by grasping the challenge with both hands and got so much out of it that I have woven elements of it into my daily routine. I have stuck with not breaking my fast until later in the morning, still have cold showers a couple of times a week and have continued with some daily strength training (something I wasn’t doing consistently prior to the challenge).

The key takeaways:

I would highly recommend the program and can’t wait for the next one."

Dwayne Beale 

"As someone who hates the cold, I really thought I would fail at this challenge but the sense of achievement by the end is unmatched to anything I've done before. By the end of the 2 weeks, I was doing up to 2 minutes of cold showers without any issues, including jumping in an ice bath on the last day which weirdly brought a sense of calm. I never realised the importance of the breath until I did this challenge. I noticed a huge change in my energy; I didn't get the usual afternoon slump or sugar craving. But the biggest thing was how low my stress levels were and how good my immune system had become. The cold showers really helped build resilience which carried into so many other areas of my life. If you can do one hard thing, it gives you the confidence to do things you never thought you could do previously. I cannot recommend this program enough!"

Bel Fong 

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