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Un Earth is a unique approach to delivering health, wellness and performance. The blend of science, evidence, and practical application comes through as an informative, engaging, and enjoyable experience.

Teresa and Merryn kick off the workshops with up to date science, the world's latest research, and relatable client stories to show how we use the science practically in the clinic to deliver powerful results to each and every client.

We then always have a practical technique to engage the group. Practicals on advanced breathing techniques, yoga, mindfulness, posture, strength, cooking, supplement tasting and nutritious food sessions are just to name a few.

Un Earth is a customised approach to engage and transform your team. Teresa and Merryn guarantee every Un Earth participant will walk away with the knowledge and tools to enhance their health and performance, both at work and in life.


individual coaching

Un Earth me is a high touch multi disciplinary health program. The Un Earth me is a 6 week program for each individual member of your team to dedicate to improving their health. 

Each individual will receive a detailed health assessment based on our unique 5 key pillars of health. This assessment allows us to provide the individual their health intelligence score prior to commencing the program.  

Program Includes:

Program add ons will be tailored to group requirements. We can make appropriate recommendations based on specific needs of your team.

Key Reported Benefits: 

women's health - Hormone harmony

Un Earth She is a dedicated women's program for supporting women in the workplace. What we can offer to support your female executives is:


Master Classes are designed to support Un Earth Me and Un Earth Sleep programs. These are always tailored to your group needs and interests. They are designed to be a fun, interactive, and a team bonding experience. Masterclasses will provide your team with tips and tricks to improve health and wellness. These 1 hour focused practical sessions for groups include: