Unleashing Potential, Fostering Wellness: Un earth Your Corporate Well-being With Us!

Elevate Your Team's Performance and Happiness: At Un Earth, we believe that your organisations greatest asset is its people. That's why we've developed comprehensive corporate wellness programs that promote physical health, emotional well-being, and a harmonious work-life balance. Transform your workforce, foster a thriving environment, and drive your business forward with our proven wellness strategies. It's time to prioritise well-being and create a flourishing, productive workplace. Begin your journey to corporate wellness with Unearth and sign up today!

The UN Earth PROGRAMs we offer:

Program Workshops

Educational group session giving practical solutions to transform health and educate on how to upgrade mind and body. Learn the latest evidenced based strategies to optimise health from 2 experienced health professionals in the areas of nutrition, training, sleep, recovery and injury. Suitable for all levels and interests. 

health assessment & programs 

This is a high touch program for the individuals within your team. Improving health in a perfectly packaged, 6 week health coaching program that targets our 5 pillars of health

Assessments, Reports, Training, Programming Coaching and Education are all included. 

We believe in empowering women at every stage of life's journey. Our program is a dedicated space for women to prioritize their health, find balance, and flourish in the workplace and beyond. From navigating hormonal changes during menstruation and perimenopause to embracing the transformative journey of menopause, our holistic approach is tailored to the unique needs of women. 

The HEalth Professional team 

We have a unique hands on approach that can change and improve the health and wellbeing of you and your team. We tailor to your needs with a range of different program initiatives always maintaining  a high focus on the individual. Take our short survey to help us find out more about what you need.


Sports Physiotherapist

Breath Work Coach

Sleep Specialist 



Clinical Nutritionist

Stress & Sleep Specialist 

Performance Coach